With over 25 years of experience working with thousands of swim teams, we’ve learned a thing or two. And in the sink-or-swim world of swim management, we’re here to help you swim. Check out the free resources below:


Browse our library of whitepapers, guides, and brochures to deepen your knowledge on a variety of camp topics—from marketing to technology to business strategy.

Headshot photo 10 Tips to Get Found in Google

Don’t get lost in the sea of information online! Swim ahead of the competition with these 10 tips and get found in the world’s largest information pool: Google.


Headshot photo Turn Up The Heat: How To Monetize Heat Sheets

Keep your swimmers and parents’ heads above water with digital heat sheets that get everyone where they need to be - and drive extra revenue at the same time!

Headshot photo How to Organize a Swim Meet

Get everything you need to wade through the pool of logistics, red tape, and unknowns to successfully organize and host your first swim meet.




Learn better with a guide? Our experts will walk you through the software or various swim team management topics-from marketing to operations management to team building.

Headshot photo Swim Manager Guided Tour

With ACTIVE Hy-Tek’s all-in-one swim solution, you’re only three strokes away from a better swim team. Learn how Swim Manager creates a better swim experience for you - and your swimmers.

Headshot photo ACTIVE Hy-Tek Websites

Make a splash with ACTIVE Hy-Tek Websites and create a one-of-a-kind swim website that impresses your swimmers AND makes managing your team faster and easier: no coding required.

Headshot photo How to Make Waves

Make a splash for your swim team with this quick tutorial on swim team marketing that will get more swimmers in the pool, more publicity for your team, and more people at your meets.