From intimate local meets to large national qualifying meets, Meet Mobile provides flexibility and convenience. Answer those common heat sheet and results questions before they’re asked. Let people get the information in real-time, when they need it, wherever they are.

Changing the way swim meets are experienced:

Swimmers can check heat sheets and event timelines from anywhere to make sure they’re at the starting block on time.

Fans can flag and track their favorite swimmers in real time, without needing to be at the meet.

Coaches can flag their swimmers and/or teams as favorites and then easily drill down into heat and lane assignments.

Meet hosts can quickly and efficiently keep people up to date on important meet info, all without a single sheet of paper. (No more photocopying!)

Top 5 reasons Meet Hosts love Meet Mobile:
  • Cutting down on photocopying heat sheets and psych sheets means cost savings
  • Charging for mobile heat sheets means another revenue stream
  • Sharing real-time results via mobile means remote fans can still follow their favorite swimmers
  • Search results listing means increased exposure for their meet
  • Social sharing of results by fans means the meet goes viral
Used by more than a million swimmers, fans & coaches

"As with many school programs finances are tight. We have been broadcasting for a while with meet mobile and I now only print a hand full of meet programs for meets."

– Eric Spaulding, Perry Aquatic Club

"We used it at a recent meet with great success. Many parents from different clubs were impressed with the app and we advertised it on our website as well."

– Mark Crouch, Aquabears S.C.