Swim Manager online meet entry (OME) allows coaches to save time on data entry and back-and-forth communications by letting their swimmers and parents pick the sessions they plan to attend and the events they wish to swim online. Coaches can approve declarations, set up relays, and send email confirmations back to the swimmers - all from within Swim Manager. In the end, coaches can be confident that the most updated and accurate information will be sent to the meet host.

Online meet fee collection eliminates the worry coaches have about handling checks and tracking down payments! Coaches and team administrators can collect fees online either as they are declared by the swimmer or parent, or after the coach has approved the entries.

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Top 4 Benefits for Coaches & Team Administrators:

  • Streamline meet entry process: Get rid of email chains and phone tag trying to figure out which swimmers are going to which sessions and what events they wish (and are eligible) to swim.
  • Decrease time spent organizing meets: Swim Manager is your one-stop meet entry solution that integrates with Meet Manager.
  • Never worry about handling checks or tracking down payments again: Collect fees online either as they are declared by the swimmer or parent, or after you have approved the entries.
  • Make things easy and clear for parents: Offer a one-step process to swimmers and parents to go online and pick the sessions the swimmer plans to attend, the events they wish to swim, and pay for the meet! No more emails, phone calls or payment worries.

Online Meet Entry is exclusively available as part of Swim Manager, our cloud-based team management software. Click here to find out more.